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Welcome to OstrichPink, your partner in fashion

"You are what you wear," as the saying goes. Although there's definitely a degree of truth in it, our approach is better summed up by the phrase "clothes are fun!" OstrichPInk is the place to visit to find trendy clothes, fun accessories and brilliant textiles for every occasion!

We select the most fabulous designs from the latest international fashion show collections, building an extensive selection which allows us to cater to every taste and requirement. It is equally important to us to provide expert advice and expert service. If you make a special request, we'll be happy to hunt down an item of clothing to suit your individual fashion requirements. Drop in at our store! Our fashion specialists would love to show you around!

Our address:


39 Smith Street

CV34 4JA

Tel: 01926407835


We'll provide up-to-date information about our fashion store and collections.

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